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Nadine Presley

Nadine Presley is a Syrian Canadian author. Her debut, THE CITY OF JASMINE (Harper Collins),  illustrated by Heather Brockman Lee, is a picture book in which a Syrian girl holds on to the beauty of her hometown infused with the sweet scent of jasmine; while the world carves ruins into her memories, she stands up: Damascus is no pile of rubble.


As a literacy advocate, with a passion for anti- bias, anti- racism and equity work, she is now an author. She dreams of a happier, more inclusive, and more loving future generation, one that raises rather than puts down and accepts rather than hates.


She currently resides in Oakville, Canada, with her husband and three boys. She survives on Chai tea latte's, her delicious cooking and the hugs of her boys. When she’s not teaching, writing, cooking authentic Syrian dishes, reading out loud and playing with her kids, she can be found collapsed somewhere enjoying some precious alone time.

Nadine is represented by Allison Remcheck of Stimola Literary.

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