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Karyn Friedman-Everham

Karyn Friedman-Everham is the debut author of the rhyming picture book Otter Oughta Know (Scholastic, 2024).

From an early age, Karyn knew she loved school and the stories of childhood. Becoming a writer never crossed her mind—that was the business of gods who birthed fully formed worlds—what she wanted to be was a professional reader. When that job fell through, she became a teacher, which led her to the Head Start program and the Peace Corps. A few years later she briefly became a student of library science. In Children's Lit her professor gently read to the class. She sat on top of her desk, tiny feet dangling, granny glasses perched low, and spun tales into being. That's when Karyn knew she wanted to be on that desk sharing stories of her own with kids.

Karyn writes picture books, middle grade novels, and poetry. She is represented by her wonderful agent Joyce Sweeney.

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