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Kalee Gwarjanski

Kalee Gwarjanski is a homeschooling mama to four book-loving kiddos living in the woods of Maine with an always patient husband. 

Her love for books started way before all that. She vividly remembers reading “Chrysanthemum” by Kevin Henkes in the library corner during kindergarten. And once she started reading, she devoured books as fast as her dad could put them on her bookshelf. Sharing that love with her children each day is truly the best gift. 

She worked as a personal chef before writing picture books full time. My stories are sometimes silly, often lyrical, and nearly always include food. She writes to encourage children and their families to learn about where their food comes from and most importantly to have fun in the kitchen.

 When she’s not writing or cooking, you can likely find her in a kayak or on a motorcycle.

Let’s be honest – she’s probably cleaning something off of someone.

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